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Uploading and accessing virtual tours in Knock
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In the modern leasing process, prospects expect to get as much information on your property as possible - without ever leaving their computer. In order to meet the expectations of those prospects and the needs of our Knock-stars, we are excited to announce Knock Virtual Tours 💻 🎉

Virtual tours will allow the prospect to interact with up to ten tours, such as Matterport or video tours like Youtube, directly from the scheduling tool native to your property website! This ease of access for both parties allows for transparency and maximizes your property value. Using outbound links, prospects will be delivered to a module, where they can interact with the platform and to find out more about the unit!

How it works:

Users will find the new "virtual tours" tab located within their Doorway scheduling tool.

Once the prospect has engaged with this option, they will then be met with our Virtual Tours modal. This will prompt them to navigate through the offered tours which your team has uploaded. There will be three distinct types of tours options in this modal:

  • For standard Virtual Tours, users will see an outbound link. This link will populate a new tab when clicked, and present the tours to the client.

  • For video tours, like Youtube, prospects will be able to watch an embedded video directly from the modal!

  • Finally, for 3D integrated tours like Matterport, the prospect will be able to access and interact with the floorplan layout and unit walkthrough directly in the modal itself.

Here is how to get those added into your scheduling (Doorway) tool!


Begin by navigating to the relevant section of Admin:

  1. Log into Admin

  2. Navigate to the Doorway tab and select the relevant property

  3. Scroll down until you see the “Virtual Tour Links” feature flag

Activating the Feature

Activate the feature by clicking on the checkbox beside “Virtual Tour Links.”

The feature will not become visible on Doorway until at least one Virtual Tour has been added.

It is recommended that all Virtual Tours be added before activating the feature flag for an optimal prospect experience

Adding/Editing Virtual Tours

To add a new Virtual Tour, first click the “Add” button.

You will be prompted to add a Name and URL. The URL will be the web address where your Virtual Tour is located.

Be sure that your URL begins with either http:// or https:// and that neither field is left blank.

Once you’ve entered the data, press the “Save” button. You can also press the “Cancel” button to revert your changes.

Tours can be edited once added by clicking the “Edit” button. Just as when adding items, the “Save” button will confirm your changes and the “Cancel” button will revert them. You can also press “Delete” to erase the Virtual Tour entirely.

Sorting Your Virtual Tours

When multiple Virtual Tours have been added, you can customize their display order on Doorway by dragging and dropping the rows into your desired order.

Doorway’s settings will be updated on the backend each time an item is moved.

Virtual Tour Integrations

The Virtual Tour feature currently supports integrations with YouTube and Matterport, allowing content from both to be embedded directly into Doorway.

When adding a new Virtual Tour from an integrated platform, ensure that your URL matches the following structure so that it embeds correctly:


URL Structure



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