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Knock University Manager Access

Understanding and managing your teams and group!

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Welcome to Knock U!

As a manager you will have full access to review your users, their progress and your companies leaderboard and scores!

First you will need to sign-in! If you have not requested managerial access to the Knock U portal, please reach out to!

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to review your dashboard and manage your team! In the top left corner of the portal, you will find a menu that allows you to select the items you wish to review! Let's start with Users!

Managing Users

User management in Knock U is simple and easy. Based on your permissions, you will be able to add and manage users for YOUR company only! This means that if you have a new team member joining your crew, you can easily set them up for access into your training portal.

First go to your users tab, and in the top right corner select the Actions button. In that menu you will want to select "Create"

Now you will be able to set up your users with their own account information and control their access! Please remember each user MUST have their own email.

You can also DELETE users from the portal by editing their account and selecting "delete"

Reviewing Leaderboards and Reporting

At the top of your users tab, you can review the leaderboards for your company!

Want to shout out the best scores, highlight the top contender? Send them an email directly from the portal and give them props!

You can also review your reporting as a whole in the Reports tab.

There you can review course statistics, like completion or exam grades! You can see certifications earned and even check out the enrollment history of certain users over time!

Feel free to save any report to your schedules for regular updates on the most important statistics to you!

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