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Knock Tours FAQ: Tours Walkthrough
Knock Tours FAQ: Tours Walkthrough
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All set up to run tours and ready to get started? Get answers to all your questions and become a tours expert!

The Tours Experience

How do I see my tours in the Knock app?

Before starting a new tour the leasing agent will need to log into their *own* account (not the house account) in order to see tours assigned to them. Once logged in, the leasing agent will have the option to see their own to do list or toggle to the house to-do list. To kick off a new tour, select the “today's tours” section of the To-Do list, and then select the name of the guest in order to start the tour!

How do I run a live video tour?

You can host live video tours following the step-by-step instructions laid out here:

Can we stop and start a tour if the screen goes blank? What happens if we do?

If you need to stop a tour, you can pick it back up again from the home app screen by re-opening the app and re-selecting the prospect via “Today's Tours” option on your To-Do list.

Will prospect preferences sync over to the desktop app?

One of the best parts of Knock Tours is that all front office leasing tools are under one platform, so when changes are made to a guest card in one platform, the others automatically update to reflect the changes ensuring high-quality and consistent data. When making changes to the prospect information the information that will auto-update are:

  • Bedroom preferences

  • Bathroom preferences

  • Preferred budget

  • Prospect name

  • Prospect phone number

  • Prospect email

  • Prospect opt-in status

  • Pet preference

  • Preferred unit preference

How do we send them a link to apply, and where does that live? Knock or PMS?

Knock Tours is designed to drive more on-site conversions, so ensuring applications are set up will play a large part in the process. Once Knock sends an automated follow-up, the quote will be in the prospect’s inbox. For PMC’s that have URL’s for applications, you are able to add this in Knock, and it will arrive in the quote as part of the automated follow up.

How does the automated follow-up work?

The leasing professional will be prompted to send a quote after the tour via Tours. After that, the lead will generate on the ToDo page under Post Tour Follow Up so the leasing professional can send that customized follow up.

What does the heart icon mean? And how does it work?

The heart icon allows the agent to indicate which unit the prospect loved the most! This will populate the preferred floorplan and will populate as an option to quote to the prospect after the tour.

What happens if I lose wifi or cell service during the tour?

Knock Tours is enabled to work with or without wifi!

How does Knock Tours handle the creation of “show” events in desktop?

In order to create a “show event” , agents must click “end tour” at the end of the tour.

Why don't our visits match?

When a prospect tours multiple homes, this is considered one visit with multiple shown units. So if a prospect tours five units, this will count as one tour and not five tours.

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