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Knock, knock! Whose there? Not sure? Knock has you covered with selfie scan πŸ˜ƒ

From the prospect guest-card, leasing agents are able to generate and deliver a link via Email or SMS that allows prospects to perform ID verification on their own mobile device. Prospects are able to successfully step through the verification process and if an ID is successfully a positive result is appended to their Guest-card. *feature is only available as part of Knock Tours*

Knocks partner in ID Verification, Acuant, supports over 6,000 types of IDs today that include

  • Drivers License from all 50 states

  • International Passports

  • Temporary Licenses (vary by state)

  • Weapons Permits (vary by state)

  • College IDs (vary by school/state)

Want to see how it's done? Alright, let's walk through it!

From your Knock dashboard

> Select Prospect

> Under the prospect guest card, select "email" or "sms"

> From there select "Self-Verify ID" icon

A link will appear in the body of the email, all you have to do is hit "send"

From there, the prospect will be responsible for completing the rest

Here is a walk-through of the selfie scan process from the prospect perspective.



Once the ID has been Verified and accepted, the prospect will receive this prompt below and be instructed to contact the leasing office for "next steps"

**If the verification process failed, prospect will be prompted to reach out to the leasing team. You can always confirm the ID when the prospect comes in if needed.

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