Step 1:

On the Calendar page of your Knock account click the Sync button:

Next to Outlook click Connect:

Step 2:

In the modal window that pops up, click Copy next to the calendar URL:

Step 3:

a. Outlook desktop (most common)

At the top of Outlook, click Open Calendar (sometimes shows as New Calendar) and then select From Internet... in the dropdown:

Or (depending on version of outlook)

Now right click and Paste the Knock calendar link into the field. Then click OK:

If you don't have any Knock appointments yet, Outlook will tell you so. Click Yes:

Do you want to subscribe to calendar? Click Yes:

Now you are done! To have the two calendars overlap (as opposed to side by side), click the little left-pointing arrow on the Knock calendar:

Now all of your Knock appointments will appear in Outlook! Note that Outlook only allows for one-way syncing- i.e. anything you add in Outlook will NOT appear in Knock. So you want to add all your tours into Knock as well as any busy times you don't want renters to book.

b. (365)

Go to your 365 calendar on At the top of the screen, click Add Calendar:

Then right click and Paste in the URL you copied. Give your calendar a name Save:

c. (regular)

At the top of the screen, click Import:

On the lefthand side of the screen that pops up, click Subscribe and then right click and Paste the URL that you copied from Knock into the "Calendar URL" field:

Name the calendar Knock (or whatever you want!) and click Subscribe.

And that's it! Now all of your appointments in Knock will push to outlook every 15 minutes (but not visa versa) :)

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