Syncing your Knock calendar with your Mac Calendar (formerly "iCal") is easy! First, on the top lefthand side of your Knock calendar click Sync:

Then click Connect next to "Mac Calendar":

In the modal that pops up, click Copy next to the calendar URL:

Open up your Mac Calendar and click File>New Calendar Subscription:

Then right click and Paste in the URL you copied earlier:

When it is pasted in, click Subscribe:

Name your calendar whatever you choose. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to change the Auto-refresh time from whatever the default is to Every 5 minutes:

This will ensure that your calendar updates from Knock every 5 minutes, as opposed to once a week or once a day. When you are done, click Ok.

You are done! Now all of your Knock appointments will show up in your Mac Calendar. Note that it is one way syncing- tours will push from your Knock calendar to your Mac Calendar but not from Mac Calendar to Knock. So anytime you are adding a tour, make sure to add it to Knock so that it will block off the appropriate time for renters, you will be able to text with them, etc. :)

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