Your Knock calendar can sync with any other internet calendar you want- Outlook, Google, iCal, you name it!

Step 1:

In the top lefthand side of your Knock calendar, click the Sync button:

Next to Google Calendar you want to sync and click Connect:

Step 2:

After you click Connect you will be prompted to log in to the Google account you want to Sync.

Step 3:

Once signed in, it will prompt you with the below. Click Allow:

Now sit back and relax and know that your calendars are synced up! Note that this is two way syncing. Meaning that any appointment on your Google calendar that is marked as busy

will show up on your Knock calendar and block that time off so renters can't book:

Conversely, anytime you have an appointment on your Knock calendar, it will show up on your Google calendar:

Multiple Google Calendars:

Showing Knock appointments in two G-cals:

Clay! I use both a personal and a work Google calendar. How do I get my Knock appointments to show up in both my personal and my work Google calendars? How do I share my Knock appointments with my boss's Google calendar,

If you want your Knock appointments to show up in multiple Google calendars, whether its two of your own, or with a coworker or friend, here's how:

Step 1:

Once you've synced your Knock calendar to your Google calendar, per the instructions above ^, you will see in your Google calendar a calendar titled "Knock Appointments".

If you want to share this calendar with a colleague on Google calendar or with your personal Google calendar, click the down arrow on the righthand side of "Knock Appointments" and then select Share this Calendar:

Step 2:

On the Share Calendar page, enter in the email address of the person you want to share your Knock Appointments with (or the email address of your personal Google calendar):

When you've entered in their email address, click Add Person on the righthand side. Once you've added everyone you want to include, click Save at the bottom.

Now all this person needs to do is refresh their Google Calendar and they will see your Knock Appointments!

Blocking off times in Knock for two G-cals:

Hey Clay! I have my work Google calendar successfully synced with Knock and my Knock appointments are showing up in both my work Google calendar and my personal. Now how do I get events from my personal Google calendar to block off times in Knock?

Great question!

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to share your personal Google calendar with your work Google calendar. From your inside your personal G-cal, next to the calendar with your name, click the little down arrow and select Share this Calendar:

Step 2:

On the next page, type in the email address of your work Google calendar (example and hit Enter (or click Add Person). Finally hit Save at the top to finalize this change:

Step 3:

Now all of your personal G-cal events will show up in your work G-cal. To ensure that your events from your personal G-cal block off times in Knock, as your work G-cal does, go into your Knock account and hit the Sync button on the lefthand navigation. Then select the box next to the personal email address that you want to display and block off times in Knock.


To unsync, just click the Sync option on the calendar in Knock and select Remove.

And you're done!

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