Collections enable all members to curate, share resources and collaborate. This article will walk through creating a Personal Collection from your Home Feed view.

*If you are a Community Administrator* see this article to "Add, remove and organize your community resources".

Follow the steps below to create your own Personal Collection. 

  1. Log into

  2. Click on the Collections tab your Home Feed menu

  3. Click the [New] button. 

  4. Enter a title for your new collection and click the [Next] button.

  5. Select the desired Privacy setting and click  [Save].

Resource Types in a Collection

  • Owners of collections may add links or files, including websites, videos and online documents as resources.

  • Contributors can also add files and links to a shared collection.

  • Commenters can post messages in the discussion board for any collection.

Adding links and files in a collection

Owners of collections and those who are designated as collaborators to collections can add links and files to a collection. Click on the (+) Add a new resource link symbol to add a link or to upload a file.

Editing Images, Descriptions, and Privacy in Collections

Collection owners and collaborators can add images and descriptions to collections and resources by clicking the [Edit] button underneath your collection's name.

Adding and Editing Images and Descriptions for the Collection

  • Click in the box with the gray target to add or edit an image.

  • Type a description of your collection in the Description field.

  • Add tags as you see fit, press [Enter/Return] after each tag.

  • Be sure to click [Save].

Privacy Settings for Collections

More information about managing collection visibility here.

  • Public: Accessible to anyone and searchable by tags.

  • Hidden: Accessible via the link.

  • Private: Accessible to you and added Collaborators.

Adding and Editing Images and Descriptions for Resources

Click the three dots [...] in the top right corner of your resource and select Edit Resource from the pull-down menu. Click in the placeholder to add or change an image and type a description of your image in the Description field. Be sure to click [Save].

Adding Collaborators to your Personal Collection:

You can invite other members to Edit or Comment on your collection. Learn about adding collaborators here.

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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