In each community on, people can hold either the Admin or Member role. Those with the Member role can also hold a few extra permissions depending on what has been granted to them.


Community Admin

Admins have complete authority over the community and can do all of the following actions.

  • Create, edit and manage all content in a community, including: discussions, courses, pages, files, links, announcements, etc.

  • Create, edit, and manage all groups in a community and their members, including distributing and creating content for specific groups.

  • Manage Members, their permissions and roles.

  • View and manage community settings (name, logo, visibility), and reports for tracking data about community activity.

Community Member

Members have relatively limited abilities within a community. However they can be granted extra permissions. Members with no extra permissions can do the following.

  • Create discussions in the community and in groups where they are a member.

    • Edit/delete only discussions that they have created.

  • View content and enroll in courses in the community and in groups where they are a member.


Those with the role of Member in the community can be given extra permissions to expand their abilities. These include access to manage Announcements, Discussions, and Invitations.

Manage Announcements

Members who have permission to manage announcements can view the announcement creation menu under the Manage Community tab and can publish, edit, delete, and archive all announcements.

[Member managing announcements.]

Manage Discussions
Members who have permission to manage discussions can edit, delete, create, and archive discussions on the community discussions tab, and in any group that they are a member of. They cannot do this in groups where they are not a member.

[Member managing discussions.]

Manage Invitations
Members who have permission to manage invitations can see the Manage members tool under the Manage Community tab of the community. From here they will be able to invite new members, and manage pending invitations.

They will not be able to remove, or modify the permissions of existing members. They will not be able to invite/add Admins to the community, only Members.

[Member managing invitations.]


The Facilitator checkbox allows a Member or Admin to display in the community as a Facilitator. This changes their title to Facilitator and makes their profile card appear on your community About tab. We recommend reserving this designation for Members or Admins who play a key part in the day-to-day operation of the community and are comfortable guiding other Members, or answering questions.

[Facilitator on member and about tab.]

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