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FAQ: Refer and Earn on Bitnob
FAQ: Refer and Earn on Bitnob

All you need to know about Bitnob's referral program

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The Bitnob referral program is back and better to ensure everyone wins. The new referral program includes a cash-back system that rewards both the referrer and referee.

As the referrer, you get rewarded whenever someone you referred performs certain actions on the app. The person you referred will also get rewarded after performing those actions. Here are things you should know;

A referrer = One who refers the app to others

A referee = One who got referred to the app

How do I refer my friends to Bitnob?

You can refer your friends to Bitnob by following these steps:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the homepage

  • Tap "Refer & Earn"

  • Tap "Share your invite code" to copy and share your referral code.

What is the value of the points?

The value of 1 point is 1 Satoshi (1 point = 1 Satoshi).

A Satoshi is a unit of Bitcoin, like cents to a Dollar or kobo to Naira.
100m satoshis make up 1 Bitcoin; represented as 100,000,000 satoshis = 1 BTC

Do I get rewarded when someone signs up with my referral code?

You get 1000 points when someone you refer signs up with your referral code, completes their KYC and deposits a minimum of $5 via "funding with Local currency" into their USD wallet. If you refer someone, you get rewarded once they have completed these actions.

What other actions get rewarded?

  • Sell BTC

  • Buy BTC

  • Bitcoin savings - when you get your referee to create a Bitcoin savings plan, you get to earn every time they save

How much do I get rewarded per transaction?

When someone you refer sells BTC, buys BTC or funds a plan, you get 10% of the transaction fee in Satoshis while the person who performed the action gets 5% of the transaction fee as cashback.

What are Claimed and Unclaimed points?

Points labelled Claimed in your History refer to points that have been withdrawn.

Points labelled Unclaimed in your History are points that have not been withdrawn.

When can I withdraw my points?

You must have up to 10,000 points (10,000 Satoshis) before you can initiate point withdrawal.

Do I have to withdraw my points?

You can accumulate points for as long as you want. There is no penalty for point accumulation.

Where will my points be sent to after withdrawal?

Points withdrawn will be sent to your BTC wallet.

How do I know how many Satoshis I have won?

Your points will show on your referral dashboard. You will also receive a notification at the end of each day with the number of Satoshis you have earned.

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