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What is Bitnob?

Get to know Bitnob and how secure you are with Bitnob

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1. What Is Bitnob?

Bitnob is a Bitcoin-native financial service and technology company that operates an easy-to-use app for savings, domestic and cross-border payments, a stablecoin wallet, and a Bitcoin wallet.

2. Should I be worried about an App crash?

We regularly perform maintenance on the App to give our users a seamless experience.

3. How Secure is Bitnob?

Bitnob is a very secure platform with regular and thorough security checks to ensure that your assets are protected.

4. Why do I have to do my KYC?

KYC is a key part of our security and compliance policy that helps us know who interacts with our app and protect your assets from getting compromised. The goal of the KYC is to uniquely verify the identity of each customer for Know Your customer policy.

5. Why do I need to set my security questions?

The security questions you set help the team be sure you own the account if you can no longer access your account. This helps to eliminate the possibility of someone else taking over your account.

6. What happens to my data if I mistakenly delete the App?

Upon the App delete, all your data is still safe and will be restored as soon as you re-install and log in with your details.

7. Why do I have to create a transaction pin?

Your transaction is known to only you so that no money can go out of your account without your knowledge.

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