What Is A Lightning Address?

All you need to know about the lightning address and what it means to you as a Bitnob user.

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A lightning address is an internet identifier through which a bitcoin owner can send and receive bitcoin over the lightning network. The lightning network is a second layer protocol technology applied to bitcoin transactions that enables the swift and affordable exchange of Bitcoin among users.

Lightning addresses are static and are useful for Bitcoin owners and entrepreneurs who accept payment in Bitcoin for goods and services.

To set up your lightning address, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. On the Bitnob app, click actions

  2. Click on setup lightning address

  3. Your Lightning address is your username@bitnob.io

  4. Click on agree and your lightning address is set up

  5. You can now receive payment via your new lightning address.

Once you set up your lightning address, you WOULD NOT be able to change your username on Bitnob.

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