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How To Set Up Lightning Address On Bitnob
How To Set Up Lightning Address On Bitnob

Step by step guide on how to set up your Lightning Address on the Bitnob App.

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A lightning address is a short easy-to-memorise address - like your email address; that allows you receive Bitcoin on the Lightning Network.

Follow these steps to set up your lightning address on Bitnob:

  • Tap the “Actions” tab at the bottom of your home page

  • The app actions will pop up on your screen

  • Tap "Receive"

  • Tap "Lightning Address"

  • Read through the prompt displayed

  • Tap "Agree"

  • Select a destination for the Bitcoin sent to your Lightning Address (You can change this at any time)

  • Congratulations! Your Lightning Address is successfully set up

You can now copy your Lightning Address and start receiving Bitcoin.

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