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Why haven't I seen the amount I funded my wallet with?
Why haven't I seen the amount I funded my wallet with?

A guide to help you understand funding

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The funding process is automated and the account number is automatically generated for you to fund your wallet. This means as soon as your funds hit the funding account, your USD wallet is automatically credited.

However, you might experience delays with your funding for the following reasons:

  • The network of the bank is yet to complete the payment. This is out of our control, however if it lingers for more than 30 minutes please reach out to your bank.

  • The amount you sent is less than the amount on the invoice generated on the app. Underpayments are reversed immediately they hit our accounts. However, it might take some time to reflect in your account depending on your bank.

  • The amount you're paid is more than the amount provided by the invoice. Overpayments tend to delay because our system is designed to received and automate wallet credits based on the exact amount provided by the invoice. Overpayments would have to go through a manual confirmation process. Upon successful confirmation your wallet would be credited. Manual confirmation takes between 24-72hrs to be completed.

To ensure you do not experience delays with funding, please do the following:

  1. Add the transaction reference on the invoice generated.

  2. Pay the exact amount on the invoice generated.

  3. Tap the payment confirmation button on the app.

  4. Give it some time to cater for the inter-bank delay.

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