Using the mobile App:

  • Log into the App

  • Click on Send Money

  • Select between To Blackthorn Client and UK Local Transfer.

  • Enter the amount, currency For UK Local Transfer, you will need to choose Faster Payment, and click Send

  • You will need to choose between Personal and Business, enter the account details of the recipient, and click on Next

  • You will have a summary screen, to double check the payment details - click on Send

  • You will see a confirmation screen - click on Confirm

  • Your payment has been processed

Using the Web Portal:

  • You can send payments in GBP and Multi-Currency payments

  • Log in to the Web Portal

  • Click on Payments & Transfers, you will see different tabs to choose from

  • Select between To my account, To another client, UK Local, European, International

  • Enter the amount, currency and the account details of the recipient. For UK Local payments, as payment method choose FPS (Faster Payments).

  • Once filled the required information, select Continue

  • You will have a confirmation screen, to double check the payment details - click on Confirm (or you can Save it as Draft and do it in a second moment)

  • You need to enter the 7 digit-number that you will receive on your registered mobile number by text or on your authenticator app (depending on what you set up), a pop-up will confirm you that the transfer has been accepted.

Individual accounts are currently linked to the platform you are signing up with, this means that if you signed up/logged in via the App you can only access through the App, same for Web portal.

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