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What are the limits for contactless payments?
What are the limits for contactless payments?
Updated over a week ago

Contactless payment limits vary by country. However, these have been set at £100 or the equivalent in another currency by Blackthorn Finance. If you want to make a transaction over £100, you will need to perform the transaction using your CHIP and PIN at the terminal.

Please be aware that the contactless transaction limit of £100 may vary depending on the local and merchant's limits (this may be more or less than £100).

You can only conduct a maximum of 5 consecutive contactless transactions. When you reach this limit, you will then need to use CHIP and PIN to reset the counter.

These limits have been set to help prevent against fraud by the FCA and is in line with the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). You can find more information by visiting:

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