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Review client performances
Review client performances while building new training in the program
Review client performances while building new training in the program

You can quickly review client performances, reply with comments and more while building new training in your program's schedule.

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For 1-2-1 and Group Rolling Calendar (GRC) programs you can do just that. If you'd like it for the other program please let us know and we'll look to develop it in the future.

By default if you head into a 1-2-1 or GRC program, you'll be in the review and build area. Let's take 1-2-1 to start with:

Custom Review and Build

Head to the client's name and click 'Add Programming':

In your client's schedule you'll notice two icons on each day where there's something built as so:

  • The left 'eye' icon opens the part and day in 'Review mode' - the left slider bar.

  • The right 'pencil' icon opens the part and day in 'Build mode' the right slider bar.

Let's open the build day first:

This looks exactly as you've seen it before. You can build more aspects to the training on this day. As you can also see, you can see your client's performance notes and if they've added any attachments directly under the work you've set them, perfect for reviewing past work while building new programming.

We've gone one step further too. You can quickly open the review sidebar at the same time, using this button:

Your screen will then look something like:

The left hand side will display anything you've built and show your client's performance notes and the right hand side remains building new programming.

What can you do on the review sidebar when it's open

Firstly, if a client has added any attachments to their performances, you can see them in full. The overall calendar view gives a summary of the note and if a client has added anything, the review sidebar will show the detail if you want to so it. As you can see on the screenshot above the client has added an image next to their performance.

Give feedback to your client

On every day you can give feedback to your client. Look for the feedback boxes on each day, as shown here:

Your client will be notified that you've left feedback and be able to respond. This is exactly the same area that you'd also see via the view activity.

Send Message and More Options

You cab quickly send a direct message to this client and see the other options available to you from this area. For example, if the part is linked to a leaderboard you can quickly access it from here too.

Copy part to build day

You can quickly copy a part you've used before into the day you're building on the right hand side.

Search by part, benchmark, challenge or client

Search your past programming for where you've used specific benchmarks, exercises, challenges and more. You can also search for specific clients on a group rolling calendar program.

Group Rolling Calendar Review and Build

You access the review and build area in much the same way, accessing the update schedule area of the program.

Again you'll see the 'eye' and 'pencil' icons on each day. These work in exactly the same way.

So what's different?

Who's completing their training?

On the face of the schedule you will see numbers in the top right corner of each day, in red, amber and green:

This will show you how many people have completed the whole day, some of the day and none of the day. Here you can see that most people missed the day so something might be up. It's a great way to get a quick overview of who's doing their work.

Drill into the detail

And see how many of your clients on the program completed specific parts, or missed them:

See all client performance notes for each part.

Set you gym members programming to follow? Take a look at the notes left by each client in the same place. Get a good idea of how the community felt on that part of the day:

Send a message to all clients who completed or missed the part

Quickly send a DM message to everyone who's completed or missed that part of the day. Perhaps you want to send a message out to all those clients who missed the section of the day to ask why? Here's how!

You can still send a single DM to a client and use the more options ... icon on a particular client too.

Let us know how you get on with the review and build area and if you need more help, please contact us on live chat.



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