Welcome to FLOWN! We are thrilled you are joining our community that helps individuals weave deep work principles into their daily lives.

FLOWN operates a platform that allows its members to find physical and mental spaces that help them think and work more creatively and productively. This includes access to:

  1. FLOWN Here - online content, tools and services, and

  2. FLOWN Away - a curated collection of bookable remote work-enabled properties.

This Agreement serves to safeguard the use and enjoyment of FLOWN by its members, their guests, and our property hosts.


By completing and submitting the membership registration form on our platform, you agree to be bound by this agreement. Once your membership is confirmed, your membership will commence. You’ll use your login details to access the platform, and shouldn’t share these login details with any one else.

Membership to FLOWN gives you access to FLOWN Here and FLOWN Away, as well as any other products that may become available over time. We may in time offer a variety of membership plans, as well as provide access to additional or optional products or services that could be provided by FLOWN or other third parties. These may incur additional fees and/or terms, which will be communicated upfront.


It’s important for us to collect and store some personal information in order to deliver our products and services, and to provide you and others with a valuable membership experience. Your details will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Membership fees are charged quarterly, in advance. The applicable VAT will be applied to the portion of your membership fee that is not a credit. The fee will be charged to the card you used when registering to become a member, and shall automatically be due and taken from your card every three months, unless you terminate your membership 10 days before your next billing date.

In addition to taking membership payment, you also authorise us to take payment from your card for any stays you book within FLOWN Away, or for any other additional products or services that may become available in the future, that you decide to purchase.

In the event your card becomes declined, we’ll need you to update it, and pay for any uncollected amounts. We have the right to suspend your access to FLOWN and cancel any bookings until we have successfully charged a payment method.

We may change our membership fees or other payment terms from time to time, and we will notify you in advance if that’s to happen.


Your membership may include a one-off or regular allocation of credits, or support additional purchase of credits from time to time. These credits will be held in our client account and can be used to purchase FLOWN products and services, or to contribute towards a stay at a FLOWN Away property. Credits can only be used for these purposes, and can’t be transferred to other members. Credits are valid to use for a period of 12 months from when the credit is applied to your membership.


We hope that you enjoy FLOWN and all our products and services, but if you do wish to cancel your membership then you can do so at any time by contacting the FLOWN Crew at least 10 days before your next quarterly membership fee is due to be charged. You’ll continue to have access to FLOWN until the end of that quarter - unfortunately we can’t provide refunds for membership fees already paid in advance. If you have a FLOWN Away property booking beyond this time, you will need to wait until your stay is completed before you can cancel your membership. Try to use up all your credits before you cancel, because any unused credits become forfeited once your membership has ended.


Booking requests and costs

You can search the FLOWN platform for properties that are suitable for a range of different deep work purposes. All properties have been curated by FLOWN, and listing details are as accurate as possible. You can filter your searches by a range of different criteria e.g. location, price, equipment available - again, these are as accurate as possible. Please be understanding if occasionally some details aren’t up to date.

Booking requests are sent to the FLOWN Crew, who work between 9am and 6pm on all UK working days. When a booking request is received during these hours, we will contact the property host to confirm pricing and availability - this is done as quickly as possible but always within 24 hours. When we get back to you confirming pricing and availability, we will hold the property for 24 hours. If you confirm you wish to go ahead and book, we’ll take payment from your nominated card (minus any membership credits you have) and send you a booking confirmation. If we don’t hear from you or you tell us you don’t wish to proceed, we’ll release the property and you won’t be charged.

The booking cost is inclusive of any applicable VAT, but there may be additional fees or taxes to pay the property directly e.g. pet cleaning, laundry, mini bar spend, damage deposits, local taxes. We always try to detail these on the property listing page if they’re known.

FLOWN acts as agent, so when the booking is confirmed, you enter into a contract between you and the property host, and you agree to adhere to any additional terms that should be detailed on the property listing or explained to you on arrival at the property.

Once your booking is confirmed you’re free to liaise directly with the property host about any aspect of your stay, such as directions, amenities etc. Of course, the FLOWN Crew is here to help you too should you have any questions or concerns, and any requests to modify or cancel a booking should always come through to us.

Cancelling or modifying a booking

We appreciate that circumstances can and do change from time to time and you may need to amend your booking. On the property listing you’ll be able to see whether the property has a “flexible” or “strict” policy. Stays under the flexible policy become non-refundable 10 days prior to the check-in date. If it’s a stay under the strict policy then 25% of the total cost becomes non-refundable 2 months before the check-in date, and the balance of 75% becomes non-refundable 1 month prior to the check-in date.

Any refund requested during the allowable cancellation period will be made back to your card on file, and any credit that was used will be applied back to your account. There may be some exceptional circumstances where FLOWN or the host will agree to a refund request that has been made outside the allowable cancellation period e.g. if we have managed to rebook the property.

If at any time is necessary for the host to cancel the booking (e.g. for safety reasons, to comply with local Covid restrictions etc) then we will always issue you a refund.

If you wish to make a modification to your booking e.g. the dates, number of guests etc, please do so via the FLOWN Crew. Some modifications may impact the booking cost, and as such you’ll need to pay the applicable increase that may come about. Similarly if the modification request is within the allowable period, we’ll also refund you should the price be reduced for whatever reason.

Property access

A property booking is a limited license to enter, occupy and use the property. The property host has the right to enter the property during your stay, if it’s reasonably necessary, permitted by your contract with the property host, or consistent with applicable law. If you stay past checkout, the property host has the right to make you leave in a manner consistent with applicable law, including by imposing reasonable overstay penalties.

Conduct during your stay

We require all our members and their guests to act with integrity and be kind and respectful when staying at a property. Please don’t break any laws, cause damage, make a mess, be loud, have parties, or bother people. Please abide with any rules or requests made by the property hosts.

If a property host makes a complaint about your conduct, we will discuss the matter with you. We reserve the right to charge your credit card to repair or replace any damaged items, and you may also have your membership cancelled, without a refund, at our sole discretion. FLOWN is a membership for those who want to work, think, create...so please act in the spirit of this.

Guests and pets

You must be one of the guests staying in the property i.e. you can’t book the property for someone else, although you are able to bring additional guests if the property caters for that number of guests and you indicate this at the time of making the booking request. If one of your guests is a minor, you must be legally authorised to act on behalf of the minor and you are solely responsible for the supervision of that minor. Members are responsible for their guests’ behaviour during the stay. You could face suspension or termination of membership if your guests don’t behave accordingly.

Some properties permit you to bring a pet - this should be mentioned at the time of making the booking request. You are responsible for the care and behaviour of your pet, and any damage it may incur.

Safety, security, liability.

We want all our members and guests to relax and enjoy the activities and facilities available at the properties in safety. Please be aware that some properties are set in open country, by the sea and can have natural features that may be hazardous.

Ultimately, you’re responsible for your own (and your guests’) acts and omissions while staying at a property. Neither FLOWN or the property host is liable to any member or guest for any loss, illness, damage or injury suffered by them or their property however caused.

You also need to comply with applicable laws and local regulations (including any policies in relation to COVID-19) at all times.

Goes without saying that you should have the relevant travel insurance in place before you travel.


You understand that while using FLOWN’s products and services, you may have access to other members and as such their personal information. Keeping their personal information confidential is of the utmost importance to the FLOWN ethos as they may be working on confidential projects.

All FLOWN staff are required to adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards and pledge to maintain all records and personal information concerning the members and their guests in the strictest confidence, we expect the same of you too. You can find out more by visiting our Privacy Policy on our website.


We love to hear what our members and guests get up to at FLOWN. We may ask you to give your views, provide feedback, share your experiences, and we may share this with others to inspire or entice them.

We may film, video or photograph our members at certain events, for use in our collateral, as well as for advertising, promotions, public relations, and other business purposes. You also consent to us publishing any materials produced by or for us for any purpose without needing to get consent, and you waive your moral rights to receive any payment from us in relation to this. If at any time you have an issue with us, just let us know.


Members and their guests shouldn’t use the names, logos, colours, trademarks, service marks, photographs, trade dress, or other identifying features of FLOWN without getting prior written approval from FLOWN. We ask you to recognise that FLOWN trademarks are the valid, unique and exclusive property of FLOWN.


From time to time we may need to undergo essential maintenance of the FLOWN platform that might prevent you from accessing your account and our services. This will be kept to an absolute minimum but we can’t be liable for any losses incurred due to interrupted access to the platform.


In the event of a dispute regarding this agreement, the matter shall be referred to the CEO whose decision with respect to your membership shall be final.

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and each member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

FLOWN may change the details of this agreement from time to time. If the change is material you will be notified, otherwise you will be able to always see this agreement on our website.

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