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OnRent GDPR information

We’ve prepared a guide to help users comply with General Data Protection Regulations.

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To help users handle sensitive data and stay compliant, we have outlined some key areas for consideration to ensure GDPR compliance with OnRent.

The GDPR Policy outlines the following principles: 

  • Right of access

  • Right to be informed

  • Right to be forgotten 

  • Right to rectification

  • Right to data portability

Right of access

A contact has the right to be able to contact you and ask for all the data you have on them. In OnRent, you can export any contact data in CSV format. 

Simply create a view or export your contact data in System Setup to access this information. 

Right to be informed

A contact or prospect has the right to be informed when they are being contacted by a business, a right to be informed of the data source and also that you are holding their data.

We have added key fields into the Contact area of OnRent, including 3 handy Y/N fields, Can Mail, Can Email and Can Telephone. After a contact has been informed you can ensure they have confirmed their preferred method of contact. Also if they notify their wish to unsubscribe at any point, you can update it on here too.

Right to be forgotten 

If someone requests the right to be forgotten, a contact can be removed from the system, simply by removing them as a contact. This will also remove them from any associated activities or accounts.

Right to rectification 

If a contact requests the right to rectification, for example, a surname change or misspelling, you can easily edit their information in the system. This will also remove the incorrect details from any associated activities or accounts.

An internal user in your system may request the right to rectification too. To action this request, head to their user profile as an admin and change any details they have requested. It will also change them against any associated activities or accounts.

Right to data portability 

A contact may request the data you hold on them to be in a format that is usable. All contact data in OnRent can be exported into a handy CSV file to ensure it is easy to attach to an email and send to a customer.

Full system events log

In order to keep track of exactly which information has been edited, viewed and by whom, users can now view a full log of recent activity in their systems. Find it in System Setup >  System Events.

View recent active sessions

OnRent users can log in and find out exactly who’s been accessing the business data. View this data in an Active Sessions screen and it will show where this user has logged in from and when. This would be especially important when investigating data breaches or spotting any activity you’re unsure of.


Use Roles to restrict what particular users can see and do in your OnRent system. 

Remember, you can restrict non-admin users so they cannot export data. To find out more about roles, please see our guide.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Start a conversation using the blue help bubble in the bottom right-hand side of your system.

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