How to Create a Prospect

Create a Prospect

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Adding Prospects into OnRent is easy! Prospects are organisations or individuals who could be potential Suppliers, Partners, Customers, Contractors or Resources. 

Create a Prospect to store contact information enabling the creation of quotations and activities whilst you engage with them. 

There's a few ways you can create prospects:

  • In Customers > Accounts

  • You can import Prospects using our Account Import Tool by marking the type as a Prospect on the import sheet

Get Started

To add a new Prospect, go to Customers > Accounts > Add Account.

Mark the type as Prospect to flag this account as a Prospect.

Once you have finished click the Green Add Account button. 

Using Prospects in OnRent

The following is applied to Prospects.

  • You can only create a Quote for a Prospect (not an Order)

  • You can create custom views for your dashboard to display your current prospects

  • You can quickly and visibly identify a prospect in OnRent

  • Prospects are not transferred into an interlinked accounts solution (where setup)

Converting a Prospect

You can convert a Prospect to another Account Type at any time, this could be after relevant credit checks have been carried out or they have confirmed they would like to go ahead with the Quotation.

To convert a Prospect, change the Account Type from being a Prospect to the Account Type desired and click Update Account.


Do I need to give an account number to a prospect?

No, account numbers are optional and you likely won’t assign one until the prospect becomes a customer, so you can just enter their account name for now.

Can I log activities against a prospect?

Yes, you can create quotes and also log activities like demos or follow up calls etc. Don’t forget you can also create contacts for the prospect as well.

If I lose the prospect, can I still keep their records on my system?

Provided you comply with GDPR laws, OnRent will not force you to delete anything so it’s up to you to decide whether lost prospects should remain on your system.

If you need some assistance we’re happy to help! Start a conversation using the Blue help bubble in the bottom right corner.

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