Setting up dashboard pods

A step by step guide to helping you get the most out of your dashboard

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What is my dashboard? 

The dashboard is the first screen you see when you sign in to OnRent. It’s personalised to each user account based on the pods you select and the role you have been assigned. There are multiple pods on the dashboard to choose from, including your activities, open quotes and collections this week.

What are dashboard pods?

A dashboard pod is a custom view, it provides a filter on key entities so that you can see specific real-time information. 

We’ve already set up several custom views to get you started but if you're looking to create any more for further information, check out: What are Custom Views?

Adding pods to your dashboard 

Click on the cog icon on your dashboard to get started.

From here, use the arrows or double click a line to move the Available dashboard pods across to Selected to add a new pod to your dashboard.

You can also remove the selected dashboard pods back to Available to remove them from your dashboard. Once you’ve finished click OK and this will update your dashboard.

If you’d like your dashboard to automatically update with real-time data every 10 minutes, Click the Auto-Refresh to YES to get accurate data on your dashboard.

Get a daily dashboard report in your inbox

Turn on the daily summary email to get an email digest each day with an overview of key figures from your dashboard. To turn on, edit your user profile by clicking your picture in the top-right and choosing Edit your profile from the menu. Then toggle Daily Summary Email to YES and set a time. This is enabled by default for any new users you create.


Can I customise the dashboard differently for each user or role?

Yes, you can either use the Roles field on a view to set which roles can see a particular pod on their dashboard or you can use the Configure option on the dashboard homepage to select pods – however this will only apply to the logged in user rather than all the users for that role.

Can my custom views appear in the dashboard?

Yes, simply create a custom view and set the Dashboard View option to Yes. You can also hide these from the dashboard by setting this to No.

Can I customise or rename the default pods?

Yes, you can go to System Setup > Custom Views > Edit one of the views. You can change the name, description, fields and the criteria – so you have full control. This is really useful if you need to see more or less information in one of these pods.

Can I change the order of the pods they appear in the dashboard?

Yes, click the Configure icon on the dashboard > select a pod > click the Up or Down arrows to change the order. This will only apply to the logged in user rather than the entire role.

Any questions?

Start a conversation using the blue help bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of your system and our team will be happy to help! ↘️


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