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Set up two-step authentication

To further secure your OnRent user account, enable two-step authentication to provide an additional layer of security

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You’re probably familiar with two-step authentication if you use services like Stripe, Apple, iCloud, or Xero. It’s sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication or verification.

With two-step authentication enabled, in addition to supplying your email address and password when logging in, you’ll also need to enter a unique code. This code is generated by an app on your smartphone, proving that it’s really you.

You’ll need an authentication code each time you sign in, although you can save the code for 30 days to prevent you from having to re-enter a code every time.

Why use two-step authentication?

Two-step authentication adds an additional layer of security to your user account. Even if your password falls into the wrong hands, a malicious individual would still require the unique code generated by your device to log in. We recommend all users enable two-step authentication for their OnRent account.

Get Started

Two-step authentication is enabled on a per-user basis. To turn this on for your user, go to your profile by clicking your profile icon in the bottom-left and choosing Your Profile from the menu.

You can then click Enable Two-step authentication to get started.

Set up Microsoft Authenticator

We use the Microsoft Authenticator app for two-step authentication in OnRent. Microsoft Authenticator is an app for generating two-step authentication codes.

  • Microsoft Authenticator is free

  • Apps are available for Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Mac OS

Note: if you don't want to use the Microsoft Authenticator app then we do support other authenticator apps such as the Google Authenticator app.

Download Microsoft Authenticator

To get set up, download the app on your mobile device.

Once you have done this, you'll need to scan the barcode displayed in OnRent using the camera on your mobile device and select Continue.

Note: You can also enter the code manually into the App if the camera on your device isn't working.

Enter the 6 digit code displayed in the app and then enter your user password, then select continue. Remember that tokens have a 30-second lifespan.

You have now completed the setup. Please make sure that you save the backup code shown in the final screen of the setup. This backup code can be used to bypass two-step authentication if you ever lose your device.

Sign in with two-step authentication

Once enabled, signing in with two-step authentication is simple. From the sign-in screen, enter your email address and password as normal. At this point, OnRent will then prompt you for your Microsoft Authenticator code.

Open your app and enter the code you see to log in. You can also select 'Remember me for 30 days' to prevent you from having to re-enter the code every time you log in.

Having issues logging in?

Simply select Sign in another way which will offer you the options to:

  • Go back and use the authenticator app

  • Use your backup code

  • Get help from the OnRent support team

You can also ask an administrator in your company to disable two-step authentication on your behalf. Simply let them know and you will be able to log in without two-step authentication.

Quick Tip ⭐️ If you disable two-step authentication you will need to rescan the barcode with your camera or re-enter the code.

Need Help? Contact the Customer Success team using the blue help bubble in your system or contact and we'll be happy to help!

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