How to Create Users

How to Create a User and Assign a Role

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Users are your employees who you require access to OnRent. They could be Hire Desk, Depot Managers, Accountants, or Workshop staff.  

You can view all of your users, add new users and manage all of them in System Setup > Users

There are a few ways you can create Users: 

  • System Setup > Users > Add User

  • Anywhere the Owner label appears, above the field it will hyperlink you to create a new user   

We'll run through creating Users through System Setup in this guide. 

Get Started

New User

Head to System Setup > Users and hit the blue Add User button in the top right corner of the screen.

Firstly, you'll need to enter the employee's Full Name.  

It will ask you to enter a password and confirm the password, it will ask the user to create a new password on their first login, so create a simple password you can
remember to provide to the user. 

  • User is Enabled - This is to confirm the user is active

  • Account is Locked - This is to lock an active account and restrict login access

  • Bookable Resource - This is to make this user a bookable resource for services and Works Orders in OnRent

  • Admin -  This will make the user an administrator in the system and give them special permissions


Next you'll need to start filling in their details: 

Their Email and Telephone are free type fields for you to enter the employee's details. 

The following fields require you to select an option from a list:

  • Language - This is language of the user

  • Custom Form Preferred Role - This is the custom form that has been created and assigned to a specific Role, this is useful if you require users to have different visibility on the system 

  • Roles - This is the level of access the user is assigned

Finally, you have the Additional Info and Notification Tab, you can add in the User's working week and specify the time the Daily Email Notification is sent to the User. The Daily Notification provides a daily update via email containing the key dashboard information.

Once you have finished simply click the green Add User Button. 

We would also encourage users to setup Two-step authentication for additional security for your account, for more information please see our guide.

Change your password in OnRent

To change your password, click on your picture in the bottom left corner of the screen then click on your picture again, select the Key icon and change your password in the pop up box provided. 

Change other user's password in OnRent

If you are an administrator you can reset a user's password. You simply go to the required user's overview screen through System Setup > Users and click the reset password option on the Actions menu. 

Edit an existing user account

To edit an existing user account, go to System Setup > Users, then click the blue pencil to the right of an account and choose Edit from the menu.

The fields are the same as when creating a user, see above.

Delete a user 

To delete a user account, go to System Settings > Users, click the blue arrow to the right of an account, then choose Delete from the menu. You’ll need to click again to confirm.

⚠️Deleting a user account is irreversible. This user will no longer be able to log in.
Note: you cannot delete a user with system events.

If you need some assistance we’re happy to help! Start a conversation using the Blue help bubble in the bottom-right corner.

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