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Send Email from a Trusted Address
Send Email from a Trusted Address

Send messages from a trusted email address at your organization.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Completing this guide will require the help of an IT specialist working at your organization.

This guide will help an IT specialist at your organization configure Pendant to send email—invitations, announcements, comments, and more—to your employees from a trusted email address. Out of the box, Pendant sends email via This is less than ideal, because your employees are more likely to open and read email from addresses they recognize; furthermore, many compliance-oriented organizations such as banks and credit unions have strict anti-phishing policies that make receiving emails from outside the organization difficult.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll need to do:

  1. Choose an email address: e.g.,

  2. Create DKIM and Return-Path entries in DNS verifying your ownership of

Step 1: Choose an Email Address

Select an email address your employees will recognize, and send it to your Pendant representative. You may choose an address that already exists. If it doesn't, ask your IT specialist to create it. For simplicity, Pendant supports one address; we recommend, therefore, that you choose a generic address, something like "support@" or "hr@". Don't worry, everything you send from Pendant personally will include your name in the signature and your email address in the reply-to, so when employees respond, you will receive the replies in your own inbox.

For IT: Technically, this email address doesn't have to exist with your main MX servers. We recommend, however, that it is an operational account so you can track bounce backs or other emails employees might send to it.

Step 2: Set up DNS

Sending email from a trusted account requires proving that you own and operate your domain (e.g. To configure Pendant to send email via the address you chose in step one, your IT specialist will need to create two entries with your DNS provider: DKIM and Return-Path.

The DNS values for DKIM and Return-Path entries are unique and private, so they are kept safely within your Pendant account at this link. You can also find them by:

  1. Click "..." next to your organization's logo

  2. Click Edit Organization

  3. Click the Email tab

There you will see the following:

You'll notice also the convenient button to Send Instructions to IT Specialist:

Clicking the button and entering your IT specialist's email address will send an email containing the DNS instructions, like the following:

And that's it! If everything is set up correctly, Pendant will indicate that your domain has been successfully verified:

If you have any trouble whatsoever, reach out to your Pendant representative, or email us at

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