• All your appointments will be displayed in the diary on the Appointments page or Calendar.

  • The grey area in the diary is showing your NON-working hours.

    To find out how to set start and finish your times for your working hours each day click here.

  • You can scroll backwards and forwards through the calendar and choose to look at any specific day, week, month, or year

  • You can choose a list view or a Gallery view of your calendar.

You can see there any information on what is still left to be paid, or whether the appointment is Unpaid or has been Paid.

Each appointment is clickable to take you directly to the appointment details screen.

To set up your default calendar view start in the Account Settings area of your User Profile

(My Profile > Calendar and Time tab).

  • Open the Calendar and time tab

  • Scroll down and choose the day of the week you wish to display as the first day to start in your calendar view

  • Choose your time slot option that will display in your calendar - 15 mins is the smallest option so this will give you 4 lines per hour and make your calendar view more spaced out.

  • There is an option to change the calendar time to show in the format as a 12 or 24-hour clock

  • There is also an option to display the default Dashboard calendar view in either

    • Day

    • Week

    • Month

  • Choose your correct time zone - this is especially important if you plan to send SMS reminder messages so they are sent at the correct time relating to your geographical region.

  • Change the way your appointments are displayed in each individual calendar appointment layout according to one of these 3 options

    • Service (and Price)

    • Client name (and Price)

    • Client name (and Service)

  • Once you have chosen all your preferred customizations, press Save to complete the changes

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