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Create a Gift Voucher

How to create your own Gift Vouchers

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Start by selecting the Gift Voucher button from the Sales & Products dropdown.

  • Click on the green + button on the right side to add a new Gift Voucher.

  • This will open the Create Gift Voucher screen.

  • On the far right side, choose a Voucher template and select a colour that matches your business from the CHOOSE COLOUR button.

  • Choose between 2 options for how your Gift Voucher will be displayed.

Voucher Details

  • Complete the following details

    • Voucher name - what you want to call the voucher - FYI only

    • Notes - for your reference only

    • Included services/products - in the dropdown list choose which services/products will be redeemable against each voucher - select as many or as few as you like

    • Price - the overall value and cost of the voucher you will be selling

    • Number of sales - you can limit the amount of sales and choose the maximum number of voucher sales possible.

  • Switch ON/OFF the Expiry period if you want to limit the lifetime validity of the voucher - this will show on the voucher and if you try to enter in the unique gift voucher code after the expiry date, it will not be accepted as payment.

  • If ON, select from the calendar dropdown when you wish the voucher to be valid until. It will then only be redeemable until that date selected and shown on the voucher.

Online sales

  • Enable the Online Sale of Gift Vouchers using the ON/OFF button.

  • Add a Title and Description for your Voucher that your clients will see on the Online booking page.

    PROTIP: It's helpful to make it stand out and a bit 'salesy' to encourage more interest and purchases!

  • Once you've finished press the Save button.

Purchase and Use of the Gift Voucher - details to input

Enter in the details (email address etc) of the client who you are SELLING the voucher to (so this will be who is PAYING for the voucher) and NOT the persons info who is receiving the Gift Voucher.

The recipient of the Gift Voucher will possibly be a new client to you and when they book in for their service, you will then add them to your Pocket PA database.

When it comes to paying for their service received, you will then select the Payment Method from the dropdown options and select GIFT VOUCHER and then input the voucher number they have with them.

PROTIP: Any credit balance remaining will stay on the voucher until such time as its used against another qualifying service OR until the voucher expires

Archiving Gift Vouchers

If at some point in the future you would like to Archive a Gift voucher because it's no longer being used, you can easily move it to the Archive Tab to streamline your Gift Voucher area to show only current vouchers that are active

Click here to read more on how to do this.

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