Archiving is a great way to allow you to declutter your current database lists and allow you to be more streamlined and operate more efficiently.

To understand more about the basics of archiving read more here

How to Archive a Client

It's very easy to archive anything so below is an example on how to archive a client.

NOTE: The principle is the same for any other area e.g. service, product, location etc

  • Enter the Client details screen and select the orange button top right that says Archive

  • Click Archive and confirm the Pop up message to Archive.

  • Once archived, the client will move out the Active tab of clients showing, and be found under the tab called Archived.

  • They will have an orange Archived badge next to their name if you click on them and this will denote that they will no longer be found in drop-downs relating to clients.

  • To return the client back to the Active list of clients, click on the Unarchive button top right and then confirm your choice.

Editing Archived Clients

It is still possible to edit archived clients if required by clicking Edit and then Updating the record.

Sending Marketing Messages to Archived Clients

  • In the second step of sending your marketing message, you will have the option to opt in and include ALL your archived clients in the filter options.

  • By default this filter is OFF and will not include your archived clients in the messaging.

  • Simply click on the button to show as green and ON and your client numbers will be pooled to give options relating to both active and archived clients to be sent to.

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