Classes need to first be created and then to be booked in as a Class Session in the Calendar.

The sequence is to

  1. First create a new Class.

  2. Next add the Class to the calendar as a Class Session.

  3. Lastly add clients and their payments to each Class Session created.

To find out more on how to create a new Class and add a class session to your calendar click here.

NOTE: Class sessions may be recurring if they happen at a regular day and time for a fixed period. To find more information click here.

  • To add a New Class Session Appointment click on the Plus button in the top right bar

  • Alternatively, add a New Class Session Appointment via the Plus button on the Calendar Page.

  • Next, select the Create a Class under the Choose Appointment Type

  • Select a Class (or add a new class with the green + plus button beside the word Class)

  • All classes already added in to Pocket PA will show in the drop-down list of classes

  • Choose the date and time that you want to run the class to show up in your appointment calendar.

  • Add any relevant Discount to your class appointment, and if added then the Discounted Amount will be shown on the right-hand side in the summary screen.

  • Choose the Location for your Class (or add a new address using the + button) and you can also add some notes.

  • Click Save in the top right corner.

  • After that, you'll be dropped to the Class appointment View where you can add clients to your class.

  • On this pop-up see the Class Session details and select and add any of your clients by ticking the checkbox next to them. Search for their name if you don't see them in the view.

NOTE: You can also add your clients to specific Class sessions from View Class Screen.

Add class payment from the Appointment details Screen

  • Start on the Calendar screen and click directly on the class session you want.

  • Once you are in the Appointment details screen you can Add the Payment by clicking the button next to the Attendance status.

To find out how to add a new Payment for an Appointment click here.

Archiving Classes

If at some point in the future you would like to Archive a Class because it's no longer being used, you can easily move it to the Archive Tab to streamline your Classes area to show only current classes that are active

Click here to read more on how to do this.

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