Being able to archive, and store data away from your main view, for example no longer current clients or services in your Pocket PA account, means it will declutter your existing view and allow you to operate more efficiently.

Why would I want to Archive something?

Archiving is a really useful way to separate out existing clients, services, locations etc that are no longer used day to day, and keep them saved under another tab in the background - for reference purposes - or to use again e.g. if a client returns back to see you after a long period of time away.

Items that can be archived in Pocket PA are

  • Clients

  • Services

  • Classes

  • Packages

  • Products

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Locations

  • Discounts

What is the difference between deleting or archiving?

If a client, service or product etc (or any other item listed above) has been used in an appointment or had a payment attached to it, then it is not possible to DELETE it from your Pocket PA database or it would 'break' and corrupt the history and compromise the integrity of the data stored.

So, if you no longer wish to see that client, or service etc, you would need to ARCHIVE it instead, so it no longer appears in the tab or drop-downs for your current data.

Where will I find items that are Archived?

Anything that you archive will be found under the same category area as before but it will just be shown under a separate 'Archive Tab'.

To find out How To Archive something, click here

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