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Add a Combined Payment (Service + Product Sale)
Add a Combined Payment (Service + Product Sale)

How to add a new Combined Payment for an Appointment and service delivered PLUS a Sale of a product - at the same time

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This is used when you need to track a payment that is for an appointment service AND a product sale at the same time.

  • Add a new Combined Payment by clicking on the Plus button in the top right bar.

  • Alternatively use the Plus button on the Income Page.

  • Next, choose your payment type from the drop-down - Combined Payment

  • In the New Payment screen the first step is to choose your client from the drop-down.

  • Next Select under red #Choose Item 1, the Appointment that this current client has booked in.

Notes: In the menu dropdown you'll only see appointments that have been booked in your calendar for the client you've selected so ensure that the appt is already in the diary

  • Highlight it in green to select the one you want to add in

  • Press the + Button next to Combined Payment - to select your next appointment or product (or package) that you want to add in to this combined payment.

  • They will all be listed in the dropdown menu if you have them entered into Pocket PA under products or packages so keep scrolling until you find the item you wish to add as #2 Choose Item

    NOTE: Select the quantity also if you want to add > 1 to this combined payment

  • The total amount will show - this will be added up for you in the Amount box as you increase the quantity

  • It will also give you an overall Summary box total on the right hand side for the combined sale and appointment.

  • Select the Payment Method (from the dropdown below Clients) and select the appropriate payment method :

    • Cash

    • Bank transfer

    • Gift voucher

    • Paypal

    • Cheque

    • Card Payment will be shown here if you are connected to Stripe or Square

    • Other

  • Continue pressing the + Button next to Combined Payment as needed - you can carry on adding in as many additional appointments or products to the combined payment and once you have them all showing and listed you can click on the green SAVE button

NOTE: You can see the payments all showing in the INCOME SCREEN under each of the tabs as the amount is split

  • The appointment element of £30 example above shows in the first Appointments tab

  • The sale of the 2 products element of £51.98 example above shows in the second Sales tab

  • The total combined (appointment & sale) element of £81.98 example above shows in the Summary tab which would match your bank statement exactly

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