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Add a Part Payment to a Combined Payment
Add a Part Payment to a Combined Payment

How to add a part payment to a Combined payment

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To find out how to add a combined full payment Click Here

Sometimes you will be creating a Combined payment when you finish seeing your client however they may not pay you in full at the time of the check out

If that is the case then you can follow the steps below to register the payment received and this will then leave a remaining 'Left to pay' amount still due to be collected at another time.

  • Follow the steps above to add in the different appointments and products which the client takes on the day

  • Then overwrite the amount which they pay you for the items to reflect those that are not paid in full - for example you may need to change the Amount box to £0 if its unpaid for

  • So this example would mean that the client has paid £30 on the day for the service appointment above but not yet paid for the 2 x Make up brush sets that they take

NOTE: This will then leave an amount still left for them to pay you

- which will show up under the Clients record once you have pressed SAVE - like the below example - it shows the sale of 2 x Make up brush sets as UNPAID

Pocket PA will also track it to show up in your Financials > Left to Pay area as per the screenshot below

- it will show in both the dial, the graph and under the Sales tab

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