How to set up two factor authentication
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Protect your account from unauthorised access by enabling two factor authentication.

Depending on your role this may be a mandatory requirement. 

Step 1
Log in to your account

Step 2
Click Personal Account Settings

Step 3
Click on Two Factor Login

Step 4
Toggle the Two Factor Authentication to On

Step 5 (for Authentication App)
Follow the onscreen instructions to enable App Authenticator. 

You will be prompted to download an app for your device and create an account.

Step 6 (for Authentication App)
Once you have completed the steps, enter the Verification Code and click Enable Authenticator App.

Step 7 (for SMS Authentication)
Toggle SMS Authentication to on
Enter your mobile phone number and click Next

Step 8 (for SMS Authentication)

You will be sent a message from the system with your Security Code. 

Enter the Security Code and click Finish.

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