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How to add people to your Approved Training Centre (Bulk Upload)
How to add people to your Approved Training Centre (Bulk Upload)
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Bulk Upload

Use the above template to create a list of people to be added to your organisation's ‘Our People list’.

Step 1.
Open a csv spreadsheet using any popular spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers etc.)

To get a copy of the template please click here.

Columns A-D are mandatory for the upload to work. 

Column A.  Forename* – enter the forename of the individuals you wish to upload in this column.

Column B.  Surname* – enter the surname of the individuals you wish to upload in this column. 

Column C.  Email* - this must be a valid email address unique to each individual. Once the upload is complete an email invite will be sent to each person on the list.

Column D.  DOB* – it is important the date of birth for each individual is entered accurately. Please enter the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 21/02/1986). The date of birth field will be used to verify an individual’s identification when they accept their email invitation.

Column E.  Candidate ID – if an individual already has a tahdah account you can enter their Candidate ID number here. Leave this column blank if you do not know an individual’s Society Number.

Column F.  Roles – if you wish to assign one or more role(s) to an individual enter the details in this column. If you are assigning multiple roles, separate each value with the | symbol. (e.g. Administrator | Finance). You can see what roles are available by clicking on the ‘Roles’ menu on your organisations Staff tab. 

The Roles

ATC Co-Ordinator
(All the below and the ability to assign roles.)

Global Course Organiser
(Able to run courses across all linked ATC’s)

Global Trainer
(Can access all the ongoing training) 

Course Organiser
(Able to run courses against the site that they have been named against)

Responsible Finance Officer
(Able to gain access to the finance elements of the system for example payment details, paying membership of those linked to your venue etc…)

(Having this role allows the person with it to run Ongoing Training & Competency sessions)

Internal Verifier
(No functionality)

Blank (no text in field)
(No functionality - For lifeguards/staff members)

Column G.  MembershipType – If you are uploading individuals’ details with a view to them becoming a member, you can state the membership type you are asking them to apply for (e.g. RLSS UK – Lifesaver) if you are not asking them to become a member leave blank

Column H.  IsOrganisationPaying – If your organisation is paying for one of more of the individuals uploaded, enter the word TRUE next to each person you are paying for in this column. If you are not paying for an individual’s membership and are requiring them to fund their own subscription fee, please leave blank. If you have specified a membership type in column G and entered TRUE next to an individual, this will only permit them to apply for the specified membership type.

Step 3
One you have completed the spreadsheet, save it to your machine in csv format. 

Step 4
In the system visit the organisation page you have control over and click staff, Our People, next to admin the Arrow and then Bulk Upload

Click the browse button and locate the csv file and then click upload.

Step 5.  When you have clicked upload, you will be informed whether the bulk upload has been successful. If it failed, you will see a message identifying where the problem is, all you need to do is amend the spreadsheet, save it again and repeat step 4. 

Step 6.  Once successful, each individual will receive an email inviting them to join your organisation on the tahdah platform and pay for membership (if specified). You can track the progress of each individual on your staff tab and send reminders if needed. 

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