As a club you now have the capability, if you choose to pay for your members RLSS UK Membership.

Step 2

Click on your My Organisations tab

Step 3

Click on the circular icon on the left-hand side of the club name

(N.B if you have added a picture for the club this will be the picture if not it will be a number)

Alternatively, you can access it in the top right-hand corner. If you hover over the circular icon a dropdown will appear which will display your organisations

(N.B if you have added a picture this will be your picture if not it will be your initials)

Step 4

Click on the Our People tab

Step 5

On this tab you will be able to view more detail about your members, including individual renewal dates for your members. You will notice a payment column. Click on the down arrow against the individual and you will be given the option for the club to pay the individuals membership.

Step 6

A pop up will appear for you to confirm the switch of payment to the club. Click yes. The individuals membership on renewal will now be billed to the club

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