How to register a course

Guidance on how to register a course through your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah)

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Step 1

Login to your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah)

Step 2

Click the burger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right of the page.

Then click 'Create a Course'.

Step 3

On the next page click the drop-down list under "Select type of course" and choose either new candidate course or renewal course depending on the course type you need.

Step 4

If you are registered as a trainer or course organiser against multiple providers then you will have a drop-down box under the provider heading in which you can choose the approved training centre/provider. Click the drop-down box to choose the ATC/P.

If you are a trainer you will have a training provider labelled as (Your_Name) Training for non-regulated courses.

Step 5

Under "Select course to create" there is another drop-down box with the list of available qualifications and awards. You can scroll down to select the award or you can type in the text box to filter to specific awards such as NPLQ.

Step 6

The course details section will now appear below. In this section you will need to set the course start and end dates - these are mandatory fields. You can also change the total number of candidates that you want to limit the course to.

Importantly, there is a drop-down box to select whether you would like physical course manuals or e-manuals for your candidates.
โ€‹Please note by selecting 'Physical Manual" the price of the course may increase depending on the type of course you are creating, as this will include physical manuals that will be sent out.

Step 7

In the next section, you will be able to add course specifics such as assessment duration, type of board and depth of the pool.

It is mandatory to enter any information with a red asterisk next to it however, this can be changed later.

Step 8

In the next section, you will be able to select the units that are to be taken including any additional bolt-ons. The mandatory units will already be checked (including theory assessment paper if the qualification or award requires one).

You can select bolt-on qualifications by checking the box to the left of the name.

The dates for each unit will pull through automatically based on the dates that you have chosen for the course however they can be changed within that time period.

For example, if you are integrating the AED bolt on then the assessment for this may be on the day before the NPLQ assessment - therefore you would change the end date accordingly.

Step 9

Next, you will need to add a trainer for each qualification and an assessor if the qualification is independently assessed. The recommended search would be using the trainer or assessors society number.

When the trainer or assessor is found either qualified or not qualified will appear. You will be able to add them to the role if they are qualified but not if they are not qualified.

Common reasons for a trainer not being qualified are:

  • A pre-requisite qualification has lapsed

  • Membership has lapsed

  • They don't hold the specialism for that qualification

Step 10

You will then need to set the delivery address for the candidate manuals if you are receiving physical manuals. The venue address is set as a default however if the manuals need to be delivered elsewhere then please enter the address in this section.

Finally, hit the create button to create the course.

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