How to set pricing rules for courses

Guidance on how to set pricing rules for courses in your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah)

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Step 1

Login to your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah).

Step 2

If you have just created the course then this page will load automatically. If you have previously created the course you can find it by going up to the burger menu (the three horizontal lines on the top bar) and clicking My Events.

Step 3

You can edit an existing rule by clicking the pencil and paper icon next to the rule or create a new rule by clicking Add Price

Step 4

In the pricing rule, you must give the rule a distinct name, price and enable it for it to show.

Other information that may be useful includes:

Sort order- the order in which the rule will feature in the event finder

Is residential - If you offer accommodation this will indicate that this price includes accommodation if enabled.

Description - tell your potential candidates about what this price includes. You may want to set an early bird offer or include different prices for integrating further qualifications.

Available from - The date the price is applied from (particularly useful for early booking offers).

Available to - The date the price applies until (particularly useful for early booking offers).

Maximum number of places of this type - limit the number of places available for the current rule (leave blank if there is no limit).

When you are happy with the pricing rule click save.

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