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How to complete updates and opportunities
How to complete updates and opportunities

Guidance on how to complete updates and opportunities using your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah).

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For the guide on how to view available updates and opportunities please click here.

Step 1

Click the update or opportunity that you wish to complete.

Step 2

Click Begin

Step 3

If the update or opportunity requires payment to complete, enter your payment details before continuing.

Step 4

Watch the video and download and additional resources.

Step 5

After completing all resources check the 'I confirm that I have read through and watched all learning resources before starting the test' box.

A begin button will appear.

Step 6

Click begin and complete the questions.

On achieving the pass mark the award leading from the update or opportunity will be added to your RLSS account (powered by Tahdah).

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