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Questions about our Qualifications and Awards
Questions about our Qualifications and Awards

Frequently asked questions

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How to access resources for Training and Assessments

If a lifeguard works at multiple sites, do they need ongoing training at each one?
If an NPLQ candidate fails their assessment, how many times can they retake the assessment?
How many staff members can attend an ongoing lifeguard training session with one trainer?
If all candidates are unsuccessful for an NPLQ assessment what should the assessor do?
How many times can I use the same assessor at the same venue?
How many candidates can be assessed per assessor?
How many candidates can be trained per course?
Will the multiple-choice question papers be available in different languages?
Do all of the candidates on a course have to sit the same multiple-choice paper?
Should renewal candidates have access to a current NPLQ manual? Do they need to buy one?
Do I need to photo copy candidate’s proof of identification?
Which direction should the casualties be facing during the timed swims?
What would prohibit a rescue board or PXB from being used?
Is there a required stroke for timed swim when the candidate is approaching the casualty?
Can a candidate dive in for timed swims?
Can a Generation 9 Assessor work at the same facility as the Trainer, providing they haven’t had any involvement in the training of the candidates?
What guidance is there for ATC/P’s regarding assessment venue arrangements?
What do I do if I lose the candidate assessment paperwork?
Do we need to send the theory assessment candidate answer sheets to RLSS UK?
Is NPLQ limited to a number of weeks delivery?
Am I able to ask verbal questions to underpin a skill?
Can I use the same day planner for every Generation 9 NPLQ course that I deliver?