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How to manage a failed candidate
How to manage a failed candidate

Guidance on how to manage a failed candidate and book a reassessment using your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah)

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Step 1

Find the course that the unsuccessful candidate attended (go to the burger menu (the three horizontal lines) and click 'My Events').

Step 2

From the booking page of the course check the box to the left of the unsuccessful candidate's name and then click "Book Reassessments"

You will get one free reassessment per candidate booking.

Reassessments can be booked for multiple candidates simultaneously or you can book them one by one.

The system will look for any courses that you have running that the candidate could be booked on to the assessment for and also give you the option to 'Create Course' should you want to run this separately.

Step 3a

Add to a course

Click the plus symbol next to the course you would like to add the candidate to. Their reassessment will then be available through this course.

Step 3b

Create a new course

If you choose this option then you will be able to change the following options:

Start and End Dates

Provider - should you wish to carry out the reassessment at a different centre.

Closed Access - will you allow others to book on the assessment?

Once you have this set then you can click 'Create Course and Add Bookings'. The existing course details such as depth of pool will automatically be exported

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