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How to manage course payments and cancellations
How to manage course payments and cancellations

Guidance on how to manage course payments and cancellations through your RLSS Account (powered by tahdah)

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If you have yet to pay for the course, the course organiser will be prompted via email 7-days before the course start date. This is to make payment in order for your course materials to be processed and dispatched in preparation for the commencement of your course.

Should you decide to make the payment less than 7-days prior to the course starting, RLSS UK can not guarantee course materials will arrive in time, for this we would recommend using the express delivery option - as seen here.

Once your course has been set up, you can remove a candidate at any stage prior to purchasing your course materials by simply using the 'delete candidate' option.

Alternatively if you have already purchased your course materials, you can still remove a candidate in the same manner, however this time a credit will be issued to the Approve Training Centre or Provider. It is important to note that any credit will be issued to the ATC site and NOT the ATC mother, which may be your head office.

Credits can be applied and used on the same course for any late or last minute bookings. Alternatively these can be used on any future courses.

Please note, when using any credit against a course, you may be required to complete a form and a member of the customer service team will apply the credit and respond to you within 2-working days.

Please note, when using any credits against a course NO additional course materials will be dispatched, as you will already have previously received these and should be retained by the course organiser for this purpose.

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