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How to Advertise the Club using Club Finder
How to Advertise the Club using Club Finder

Guidance on how to get you Club to appear in the Club Finder search results using your RLSS Account (powered by tahdah)

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To access the club hover over your username/profile picture in the top right of the screen, the drop down will show you the organisations you are linked to.

Click on the club name and a new page will open.

If you cannot see your club you have not been assigned a role in it yet. In this instance please contact a member of the club admin team to have a role in the club added to your account.

To edit the club details click the edit button at the bottom left side of the page.

You will now see several tabs under the main details banner.

It is very important that you complete as many details as possible in each section and that you check emails are completed correctly to help us communicate with you, as well as your existing and new people. Amend the main details with info that you want others to use to get in touch with your club when it gets advertised. Always ensure you SAVE any changes, or you club will not be updated.

The address tab allows a ‘pin’ to be placed on the map as a visual aid for people searching for a new club. This address, if the venue, will show the pool site, if you add a home address it will show this. The postal address will only be added to the public facing details if you want it to (see later in the guide). You can also move the ‘pin’ on the map if it isn’t quite where it should be as a large postcode area. Make sure you SAVE any amends.

Please add the relevant phone numbers for your club. These will be shown so people can contact you to join the club so ensure it’s one you are happy to be visible; make sure it is entered correctly with any area codes. SAVE any changes

The about tab is your chance to shout loud and proud about your club. It is your ‘shop window’, and will be included in the outward-facing part of your club to attract new people. You can change this as often as you like depending on what you are doing or offering at the time. Always ensure you SAVE especially if you’ve written a large amount!

The public profile tab is your chance to share links to external sites or documents that you may want to use. And also to upload a club logo or picture as relevant for people to identify with your brand. SAVE all amends

On the location map tab you will now see the ‘pin’ that was mentioned above, linked to the address you have provided. Drag it to the best position if it’s not quite right. Click the show on map tab to ON, so new people can visually gauge your location in the club finder part of our membership system. SAVE any amends.

On the billing details tab, put in the correct email for your club finance lead. This is who will be able to pay club fees and be sent anything finance related. This email is NOT shown externally, and is purely for internal functions around finance. SAVE all amends.

This final tab is the key one to get your club visible in Club Finder. Visibility/Privacy settings. By setting just the top one to ON, the image below shows what people will see.

By setting the top two to ON, the image below shows what people will see about your club.

All of the above can be edited at any time to keep your club details current and ensure that new and existing members can access your club within our membership system at all times.

We want to help you promote your club in the RLSS tahdah system, so keeping details updated will certainly help us, help you.

Club Finder will now show your club successfully.

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