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How to Purchase and Assign Credits on a Course
How to Purchase and Assign Credits on a Course

How to pre-purchase and assign credits against courses through your RLSS UK account (powered by tahdah)

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There are 2 types of credits.

“Booking Cancellation Credits” Credits issued for candidates who were booked onto a course and already paid for, but later dropped out before the assessment occurred. In this scenario, a credit will be issued to the provider, which can be used at any time.

“Pre-purchased Credits” Credits that are purchased ahead of time before the course has started, or even been created. Users can pre-purchase credits for a provider. At the point of payment, if the course is to be ran with physical materials, the total amount ordered will be delivered to the address specified at the point of purchase.

To view available credits, navigate to the provider, and under the “Events” tab, there will be a subsection named “Event Credits”. This will display total credits available to the provider to draw from.

Purchasing Credits

To pre-purchase credits ahead of the course, navigate to the burger menu, located in the top right next to user’s username.

You will then be taken to the pre order course materials page.

'Select Organisation': Choose “Royal Lifesaving Society UK”

'Select Type of Event/Course': Choose the type of course materials you would like to purchase. You can choose from 'New Candidate Course' or 'Renewal Course'. You will be charged the appropriate amount for the type of course.

'Select Provider': This will determine which organisation you are purchasing the credits for. You will be able to choose from a drop down list of any provider you have permissions to purchase for (sites you hold the ATC co-ordinator, admin, course organiser or owner role).

'Select Event Template': Choose which qualification you would like to purchase. If you are choosing to purchase a qualification that has bolt-on qualifications, further options are presented to the you, where you can pick and choose which bolt-ons you would like to add to the purchase. Dependent on the choice made here, there may be extra cost added to the purchase.

IMPORTANT: If applicable, some qualifications have two media types, digital or physical. If a qualification is chosen that has multiple media types (physical or e-manual), then you will be presented with a further choice to determine which type of media you would like.

'Select Delivery Address': This will determine where the materials will be shipped to. You can choose to enter an address manually, or you can choose to deliver the materials to the provider address. If the provider address is chosen, you will be able to see the address that it will be sent to.

'Quantity Required': You will be able to choose how many units you wish to purchase at this time. There is a minimum of 1, but no upper limit.

'Get Price & Pay': This step will calculate the total cost of the order, based on the qualification selected, any associated bolt on prices and any media type discounts. You will see 2 prices, the cost per unit, and the total price of the order.

Selecting 'Order Now' will take the user to the order summary page, which will show a break down of the purchases and you will be able to make the payment, or go back to edit their order.

To move to the next step you will need to select 'Pay for Invoice' to make the payment. Here you can pay via Credit/Debit Card or via PO. If you pay by card, materials will be automatically dispatched upon successful payment.

If paid by PO, the RLSS UK Finance Department will first need to confirm the order before materials will be shipped. If paying via PO, you will need to provide the PO number and upload a copy of the PO before it can be submitted.

Applying Credits

Credits can be applied to of the correct course type as soon as the first booking has been added, although we would advise that all candidates are added to the course before applying credits to keep things easy.

If you do not have enough credits to apply to the course, you can either purchase more credits using the process above, or simply pay via the prompt on the course itself for any remaining candidates who are yet to be paid for (please allow 7 days for delivery of physical materials unless using the express delivery option).

At the bottom of the Bookings tab on a course, you will see the 'Event Credits' section appear. If you have available credits, you will see a total of how many credits you have available. You can then select how many credits you would like to apply, and will be a total of how many candidates have a payment outstanding. You can “Allocate” to add or subtract credits to apply using the + and - symbols or you can simply select 'Auto Allocate' to apply all available credits to all outstanding bookings. Finally, by selecting apply, the credits will be added to the bookings, outstanding payment will either be removed entirely if all bookings have had credits applied, or if only some credits have been applied the price will drop accordingly. Once there is no outstanding balance on the course, you can submit results to RLSS UK for certification.

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