Crossbeam x Reveal

Did you hear it? Crossbeam and Reveal are joining forces

Your Reveal Initiation

Get started on Reveal

Data Sources

How to securely connect and configure a data source (CRM or CSV) to your workspace

Manage partners and data

How to manage your partnerships, from invitations to new partners to managing the data you share with them.


How to find new partners that are already using Reveal

Partners Dashboard

How to find stats about your partnerships from your dashboard

Account Mapping

How to start uncovering insights after connecting your data source on Reveal

360° Goals

Map your accounts against more than one partner using 360° Goals


Discover Analytics and find relevant insights about your partnerships

Collaborate with your team and partners

How to Collaborate on your, and your partners', deals to grow your pipeline and generate revenue

Security and Data Privacy

Security and Data Privacy is part of Reveal's DNA. This section details the measures we take to ensure that your data is protected and meets your compliance standards

Use Cases For Partner Data

Discover how Reveal can be used to get the best results for your company

Reveal Pricing

Understand Reveal plans and our pricing

Leveraging Partner Data in your CRM

Learn more about Reveal Premium Features in SalesForce and HubSpot


How to integrate Reveal to your favorite tools


Answers to frequently asked questions about Reveal

Release Notes

Check out our new features released on a monthly basis