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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Reveal uses MFA/2FA that could be easily enabled or disabled by the user.

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You can enable an additional layer of login authentication in order to ensure the security of your account, there are several options which are available depending upon your user plan.

For Freemium and Premium users

  • You can enable Multi Factor Authentication for your specific account by going into your profile and enabling the toggle at the bottom.

For (Only) Premium Users

Besides the above option, there are two more options that the Reveal Premium Users have access to.

  • Okta (SSO)

Single Sign On is an authentication scheme that allows users to log-in with a single ID to any of several related yet independent software systems.

  • Google sign-in

With google sign-in, you can directly log into your Reveal workspace by using your Google ID.

If you want to learn more about our security features.

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