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About SaveDay

SaveDay is a tool that can help you quickly save, search and summarize your favorite content. From everywhere, for everything.


With SaveDay, you can:

  • Save: Save different content types, like articles, images, and YouTube videos.

  • Summarize: Create concise notes from your saved content.

  • Search: Easily find your saved content using keywords, or anything you remember.

  • Add Reminders: Set reminders to revisit your saved content.

  • Manage Collection: Manage your collection of saved items where you can edit image descriptions or remove them.

  • Highlight: Identify important content and share it with others.

  • Add Notes:

    • Create sticky notes in videos or long articles.

    • Generate highlight notes for extended highlights.

    • Add timestamp notes for your long videos.

  • Canvas Q&A:

    • Designed as a trustworthy and personalized tool.

    • Helps you develop rational thoughts using relevant facts from your collection items.

    • Tailored responses for a more personalized experience.

    • Contrasted with tools like ChatGPT, which may produce incorrect or irrelevant outputs known as hallucinations.

SaveDay's versatile features make it a comprehensive tool for saving, organizing, and interacting with your digital content.


SaveDay is accessible on four platforms:


  1. Free Version:

    • Access to SaveDay's core features on all platforms.

      • 5 Q&A credits per month

      • Unlimited saved items

      • Unlimited keyword search

      • Unlimited highlights

      • Unlimited notes

  2. Elite Package (Paid):

    • Includes everything from the Basic package.

    • Unlimited Q&A credits.

    • Unlimited semantic search.

    • Priority support.

    • Access to all upcoming features.

  3. Student Plan (Elite with 50% Discount):

    • Available at a 50% discount for students.

    • Provides access to the Elite package features.

  4. Custom Plans:

    • Tailored plans based on specific user needs.

    • For detailed pricing information, visit our SaveDay pricing page.

SaveDay understands the importance of supporting students, offering the Elite package at a discounted rate to make advanced features accessible for educational purposes. Visit our link for comprehensive pricing details.

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