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NOTE: You will need to create a League Page, Club Page, or Division Page first before you can add Team Pages.

The best way to add teams to your organization is by creating a "Team page" for each team. Team pages can be hidden from the public or used to display the team roster, game schedule, stats, and more.

League or Club Page > Division Page > Team Page

  • NOTE: Make sure you are on a League, Club, or Division Page before creating the page.

Creating Team Pages

  1. Sign in to your SportsEngine website and turn on Edit Mode.

  2. Go to your League or Club page.

    • Click on your Division page if you have them created.

  3. Underneath Edit Mode, click Pages.

  4. Select Sub Pages.

    • Sub Pages appear in the dropdown menu under a page listed in the Main Menu.

  5. Click Add New Page.

  6. Choose Team Page.

  7. Either choose to Select an existing team or create a new team.

    • Choose to Create a new team if you haven't already added your teams in Sport Management.

    • It's recommended that you select a team If you've already created them in the past.

  8. Fill out all necessary and mandatory fields for the team, and click Create This Team.

    • Include Team in Standings (Leagues Only): This option allows you to exclude teams from standings on a team-by-team basis. If you check No, all games played against this team will not count towards standings.

NOTE: Team Pages are "Disabled" by default.

To make your Team Page public:

  1. From the Team Page, make sure you're in Edit Mode.

  2. Click Admin > Permissions.

  3. Click the Public button.

  4. Confirm by clicking Change Page Status to Public.

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