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How do I know what "condition" option best fits my device?
How do I know what "condition" option best fits my device?

Find out what we mean by "barely used" and more.

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It's not always easy to know what condition your tech is in – what's normal for some isn't the same for everyone!

With that in mind, here's some info to help you decide what option to pick.

If you've come to us from Compare and Recycle please read this article for more info.

Brand new

The device will be straight out of the box and not used.

Barely used

You've been extra careful with your device and there are no visible (or feel-able) scratches, dents or damage. If your device has any scratching that you can feel with your fingernails even if there is one or they are small in size, your device is unlikely to be barely used.

Something that has been in and out of a pocket or bag a few times is likely to have some scratches even if they are barely visible and so will not achieve the top price. And even if you've used a case the whole time you've had it, cases can trap dirt and cause scratches too.

We don't have a minimum battery health requirement but an item would need to have good battery health (ie over 85%) to fall into this ''barely used' category.

Some signs of use

This covers most tech that has been used, but never dropped! Although pay special attention to the screen as scratches on the screen will affect the value of the device more than scratches elsewhere.

Your device might have a few light scratches but not deep scratches (scratches you can feel), no cracks, bends, broken parts or liquid damage.

Light scratches might look something like this...

Well used

Your tech has deep or multiple scratches or dents or is cracked or smashed. The device may also have missing parts.

Still unsure? We've all been there... Just pick 'Not sure' and we'll give you a full run-down once your device is with us.

That's right – we create a free in-depth Tech Health Report for every device you send us, which you'll find right there in your account. That way, you can see exactly how our highly experienced tech-sperts graded your tech's condition.

Unfortunately we can't pay for engraved/personalised items. We can recycle them for free for you.

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