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Project Sharing

How to collaborate on a project with your team

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This is a team collaboration feature available for Starter and Enterprise plans.

Please see associated articles on adding and managing users below and make sure to assign users to a project.

Add users to a project and assign roles

Before you can add team members to a project, you must first register them in the Admin Console. See related article on Project Teams.

Invitation modes

SqlDBM projects offer two methods for managing the invitation of collaborators.

  • Easy invitation - allows collaborators to invite other team members to the project. Disabling this feature means that only the project owner can add collaborators. (Note, easy invitation is only available on Enterprise plans)

  • Default - with easy invitation disabled, or for non-enterprise plans, the default mode allows only project owners to add collaborators to a project.

From the Project

From the top menu of a project, click the share icon and enter an email address for a project member that has previously been added to the team.

Start typing the email address to see a list of available users.

Grant modeler access by selecting the "Allow to Edit" option.

From the Dashboard, call the three-dot menu to the right of the project you wish to assign users and select "Project Team"

Press the "Add Team Member" button to open the list of available team members (previously added in the Admin Console). If the user has a modeler license, select the "Can Edit" checkbox to allow them to edit this particular project.

Lock and edit a project

Though multiple users can be assigned to a given project as Modelers and Collaborators, only one user can modify a project at a given time.

To lock a project for editing, select the corresponding button from the top of the project. Note, if a project is already locked, the button will not be available and you will instead see a message like "Editing by user_name"

Once you've locked a project for editing, proceed with your changes.

When you're finished, save or revert the changes using the corresponding buttons.

Now, press the Unlock button to release the lock.

Force Unlock

Project owners and account admins can forcibly unlock projects. Account admins can do this for all projects in the organization, while owners can only unlock projects that they own.

Use this feature if an unscrupulous colleague leaves the office after having locked a project, blocking it for the entire team.

Admins: from the Admin Console, click on the project owner of the locked project.

Owners: go to User Projects from the Account screen to see a list of the projects you own.

Navigate to the locked project and click the unlock button.

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