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User Roles

How to manage user roles

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Project admins can assign roles to grant associated privileges to users within the account. Some roles are only available in conjunction with the related plan or license.

  • Team collaboration and related (Modeler/Consumer) roles are available for Enterprise plan.

  • The Governance role is only available with a Data Governance license.

  • Account Admin and Project Owner are available to all licenses from Starter and higher.

User Roles

The following roles are available to assign to users from the Admin Console:

  • Admin

  • Modeler

  • Governance

  • Consumer


Admin users can grant and revoke licenses and assign project roles (see below), including alternative admins.

Admin users have visibility of all projects (from each of the plan users), and can also set up and manage Git integrations.

By default, the user who creates the SqlDBM account is granted Admin status. This user can then delegate admin status to current modelers only. Please note that consumers can not be given an alternative admin role and Alternative admin can only be assigned by the main admin.

To assign an alternative admin role, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Account

  • Go to Admin Console

  • Check the "Account Admin Box" to grant a role. Uncheck if you need to revoke the role.


A modeler license allows a user to edit and make changes to a project.


The governance role allows users to create and assign Data Governance fields in Database Documentation as well as maintain Pages.


A consumer license is read-only and allows a user to view but not modify the project. Consumers can access all the project diagrams and navigate using the search and filter functions without editing.

Add users to a project and assign roles

Before you can add team members to a project, you must first register them in the Admin Console. From the Dashboard

First, access the Account settings.

Now, select the Admin Console

Press the "Add User" button to bring up the corresponding menu.

Enter individual user emails or a comma-separated list.

Select the "Modeler" option to grant these users edit access. Otherwise, unselect it to grant them "Consumer" access.

Be sure to track the number of licenses available for each user type on the top right of the screen.

Bulk Remove

Select multiple users by clicking to the left of their names. To finish removing, press the red "Revoke n user(s)" button.

Individual Remove

Press the triple dot menu icon to the right of the user and select the "Revoke" option.

Change Role

You can designate users as modelers or consumers using the corresponding tick boxes next to their names.

Be sure to track the number of licenses available for each user type on the top right of the screen.

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