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How to maintain email notifications

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E-mail notifications allow users to stay on top of changes they wish to track within the tool. Notifications can be configured at the project level. Features, news, and product announcement emails are also available from user preferences.

See below for details on the following features

  • Project notifications

  • SqlDBM news and release notifications

Project notifications

Project notifications allow you to subscribe to change alerts and comment mentions.

The functionality of these notifications is the following:

  • All comments: You will get notifications for all comments-related activities, branch updates, and revisions.

  • Only new comments: Notifications for all the new comments, branch updates, and revisions.

  • Only mentions: Notifications for all comments where you are mentioned, branch updates, and revisions.

  • unsubscribe: blacks all project notifications (including changes)

For blocking all notifications please follow the steps in the image provided blow

SqlDBM news and release notifications

Manage Preferences

These notifications will allow you to manage notifications for 'Tips & Tricks', 'Feature Announcements' and 'Offers'

Dashboard > Account Settings > Manage Preference

You will be navigated to another page called "SqlDBM News, Offers And Product Updates". On this page, please select "Email Me A Link"

An e-mail account linked to your SqlDBM account should receive an email with the following subject line "SqlDBM Subscribers: Update Profile". Select "Update your preferences"

This is the page where you can select which updates you would like to receive.

  • Tips and Ticks: provides tips and tricks to help you utilize the tool better.

  • Feature Announcements: Notifications for new feature releases

  • Offers: Notification for add-on releases

Confirmation of your notification page will appear, telling you what you have selected to get e-mail notifications for.


To unsubscribe please click the "Unsubscribe" link.

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